Episode 11

Sir Quentin of Willson starts another packed show with a re-assessment of the much-maligned Ferrari Testarossa.

It’s a flashback to the 80s that no longer makes us wince, and Quentin quite rightly points out that Ferrari were right all along with this design classic.

This week’s barn find with Chris Routledge is an absolute jaw-dropper. There is only one Owen Sedanca in the world, unveiled in 1973 but never put into production – and here it is. Here too, is Alex Riley, who meets a family with no less than 33 Austin A30s and A35s in the back garden – plus a massive shed full of mostly useless parts. Bruno has a real shot at the E-types leading lap time in a rally-spec Ferrari 308 (yes, the Magnum PI Ferrari). And male supermodel David Gandy takes female supermodel Jodie to pick up his first classic purchase – an exquisite 1960 Merc 190SL. How much eye candy?

Jodie then gets to grips with the Jaguar XJ220 ‘hypercar’ – the world’s fastest production car when released in 1992. The XJ220 story is actually quite sad, but we get over it pretty quick as Jodie gets to drive one on the road – and on the track it was really designed for. But she has to concentrate so much she forgets she’s making a TV programme!