Episode 12

The season finale certainly isn’t a winding down – episode 12 is bursting with classics from across Europe, and across the Atlantic.

We start with the wonderful Jensen Interceptor, with its American V8, Italian styling and its truly British approach to production. Interceptorphile Quentin tells us its brilliant tale.

Will Best heads to the seaside to answer another important question: do the public prefer the classic Fiat 500 or its modern counterpart? Alex Riley meets Roger Dudding, who has an extreme classic car collection that includes 18 Lagondas, several Rolls’, a lovely Lancia Beta Coupé and a Ferrari 308, and Bruno puts a 70s Porsche 911 racer through its paces round the track.

Finally, Jodie falls in love with the Camaro Z28, Chevy’s worthy retort to the Ford Mustang. Route 66, 4.9 litres of burbling, rasping V8, 290hp, 140 mph – in a car launched in 1965? What’s not to fall in love with? She firmly sides with the Camaro over the Ford Mustang – and on this evidence, you can’t blame her.