Episode 13

As the series comes to a close, we’ve rolled together what we reckon are the best bits of the first series of The Classic Car Show.

You’ll find out which of Quentin’s 12 all-time classics are the greatest of the great, have another opportunity to see Alex Riley’s now famous arcade game Chase HQ sequence with that black Porsche 928 plus Jennifer Saunders’ deeply emotional homage to the original Fiat 500.

Chris Routeledge gives us another look at that long lost Amilcar he discovered in a suburban lock up while stunt driver Ben Collins shows why spy writer Ian Flemming was moved to change Bond’s motor from a staid Bentley to an sexy Aston DB2/4. And not forgetting our resident race driver, Bruno Senna, who shows that Ferraris aren’t just for posing by impressively flinging a 308 Michelotto round our Brooklands track.

Jodie goes to the historic Monthlhery circuit and drives the most successful racing car of all time – a 30s Bugatti Type 35C – the only racer that can claim an astonishing 1800 race victories. This is the best of the series and we’ll be back for a second run. In the meantime don’t forget to check into our website for news, features and everything you need to know.