Episode 4

We begin with another of Quentin’s all-time great cars – the Range Rover – so influential it kicked off the global cult of the SUV.

The Rangie, as its affectionately now know, has become a world-wide status symbol and the wheels of choice for everybody from Beverly Hills housewives and minted-up bankers to well-heeled farmers, horsey types and of course the Royals.

Then we ride with Jodie and Quentin – in an ultra-rare Citroen DS convertible – to Monaco – the principality of petrolheads to meet one man realising a lifelong dream of historic racing round Monaco’s legendary road circuit. And it’s a circuit strewn with danger.

Meanwhile, the inimitable Alex Riley turns an 80s amusement arcade game into reality, and chases Ralph the Slasher in a five grand Porsche 928, and Bruno Senna unveils and unleashes a beautiful, highly-tuned 60s V8 Mustang hardtop for another race against the clock. It’s another heady combination of style, speed and automotive brilliance.